Links of Interest


LibraryThing Profile: A great library cataloguing and social networking site for bibliophiles.  This is where you can view my library in its entirety.

Uncanny Books: My small publishing house dedicated to publishing (or republishing) great genre fiction.

Authors and Books:

Fantastic Fiction: A terrific database of almost all speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.), mystery, and crime authors along with their bibliographies.  There are a few minor errors here and there, but this is a truly definitive source and one I turn to frequently.  Highly recommended.

The FictionMags Index: Another great database dedicated to “the “Gaslight” magazines of circa 1880-1914, the pulp magazines of the first half of the 20th century, the “Big Slick” magazines of the mid-20th century, the digest-sized magazines of the 1950s and 1960s.”

Book Reviews:

Bookgasm: No, it’s not a porn site, it has lots of great book reviews and giveaways every day.

Johnny LaRue’s Crane Shot: Marty McKee’s book and movie review website.  Marty knows his stuff.  ‘Nuff said.

Hellnotes: Reviews and previews of new and upcoming horror fiction. The nice folks at Hellnotes were foolish enough to let me periodically review books there. Those reviews will eventually appear here as well, but you can see them at Hellnotes first.

Glorious Trash: Reviews of some men’s adventure novels so obscure even I have never heard of them.

Post-Modern Pulps: More reviews of men’s adventure novels and similar works; also, the owner of the site, Jack Badelaire, is publisher of the new Hatchet Force Journal, a new eZine dedicated to the men’s adventure genre.

The Groovy Age of Horror: Reviews of more than horror, including science fiction, anime, pulps, noir, etc.

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations: Reviews of classic and obscure science fiction novels and films.


TeleRead: Stay up-to-the-minute with daily news articles about eBooks, eReaders, and related bookish topics.

A Kindle World Blog: Also updated daily, focuses on the Kindle, upcoming Amazon products, and lots of links to free and reduced-price eBooks.

Current Magazines and Zines about Books:

Paperback Fanatic: British zine published by Justin Marriott (he also publishes the occasional Men of Violence zine) about vintage horror, science fiction, fantasy, and men’s adventure paperbacks.

Paperback Parade: Published by the uber-knowledgeable Gary Lovisi of Gryphon Books, discusses current news in the book world as well as vintage paperbacks of all sorts.

Crimespree: Lots of great information about contemporary crime fiction, includes interviews, news, short stories, and lots of reviews.  Also has some great book giveaways.

Out of the Gutter: They call this one a “modern journal of pulp fiction and degenerate literature,” and if that genre label appeals to you, it will be right up your alley.


Transreal Fiction: An independent Scottish bookstore specializing in science fiction. You can order signed copies of books by Iain Banks, Charles Stross, Ken Macleod, Brian Ruckley, and Hannu Rajaniemi from Transreal.

Men’s Adventure Magazines:

Men’s Adventure Magazines: The definitive blog about the classic “sweat” magazines of the 1950s-’70s.


Awful Library Books: Librarians present the awful, awful books that are found in our nation’s public libraries.  Fun stuff.

Better Book Titles: Every week day, the author of this blog presents a new title for a classic work. The esults are hilarious.


book lovers never go to bed alone: Lots of great visuals of book store and library shelves. Makes you just a little envious, don’t they?


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