Obituary: Robert Reginald (1948-2013)

rr2007It is with truly heavy heart that I must report that a good friend of mine, Michael Burgess, who used the pseudonym Robert Reginald in most of his writing, has died. He was truly a gentleman and a scholar (literally; he was a retired academic librarian and professor), as well as a fine writer of fiction and non-fiction alike as well as an editor and publisher. He was a true friend and champion of authors and was almost single-handedly responsible for publicizing the work of excellent but little-known authors throughout his career. He founded the Borgo Press in 1975 with his wife and ran that until 1998, publishing about 300 volumes. In 2003, Borgo Press was restarted as an imprint of Wildside Press and Rob ran that for Wildside, publishing something close to an additional 1500 volumes. He was also an extremely prolific writer, and I’ve reviewed a number of his pieces here. Rob’s website has a complete obituary and bibliographies of his writing and editorial work. Locus also has a brief tribute and the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has a very long entry on all of Rob’s contributions to the genre.

Rob, as I mostly knew him, had had heart problems going back at least a decade, and even though he was hospitalized earlier in the year, I thought we’d have him for years to come. We began corresponding in 2010 as a result of a review I posted to this very blog of some of Rob’s work. Over the years we traded a lot of emails and even spoke on the phone. I had hoped to make it to the L.A. area next summer and thought we might finally have a chance to meet in person. Alas, that was not to be. Rob was an extraordinarily kind and generous man, and I viewed him as a mentor as well as a friend. His encouragement and wisdom meant a lot. I am very saddened by his death, and I know that his family and friends must all be devastated by his loss. In Rob’s honor, take a look at some of his work if you have a chance, and read something by a mostly unknown author — if you like it, then post about it! Celebrate good authors whenever you find them.

Awesome Lulu and Wildside Press Sales

Haven’t listed any book-related sales in a while — come on, like anyone actually reading this book blog needs more books anyway — but here are a couple in honor of that greatest of American mass consumption holidays, Black Friday: The print-on-demand publisher typically has 20% off coupon codes that you can Google pretty much any time you want to buy something from Lulu (serious — don’t ever pay full price at Lulu). But Lulu is now offering a 30% discount from now through November 27: just use discount code DELIRITAS. (That code will also get you 51% off a calendar at Lulu, but I can’t imagine buying anything but a book from them).

Wildside Press: They have a couple very cool specials. First, if you order at least $10 from them (in eBooks, physical book, whatever), you are eligible to receive five randomly selected books from them, you only pay a penny plus shipping. That’s an awesome deal. I did a similar deal with them a few years ago and got two randomly selected books (Arthur O. Friel’s AMAZON NIGHTS collection and J. Allan Dunn’s THE GOLDEN DOLPHIN AND OTHER PIRATE TALES FROM THE PULPS). Just click here for that deal. The second deal is a four-issue e-subscription to Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine for just $3.99. Click here for that deal.

have fun reading!

Wildside Press Coupon Codes

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any coupons or discount codes, but here are some I just received from Wildside Books. As always, they have a lot of new fiction available, including many reprints of classic works. Personally, I’m interested in several of their new ebook megapacks, which are a steal at $0.99 each.

Special Offer #1 – EBOOKS
order from

Get The Fifth Science Fiction Megapack free with any order. (Or save 99 cents on anything priced $2.00 or more.) Use coupon code FREEMEGAPACK for your discount. (This installment in the series is the best yet, with 5 Hugo and Nebula winners and nominees. Contributors include Allen Steele, Gardner Dozois, Avram Davidson, and many more.)

Special Offer #2 – PAPER BOOKS
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Save $5 off $25 – use coupon code BOOKME
Save $12 off $50 – use coupon code BOOKME2
Save $30 off $100 – use coupon code BOOKME3

Special Offer #3 – Magazines, Books, AND Ebooks

With any print or ebook purchase over $10, we’ll give you a FREE 2-issue trial subscription to Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine (ebook – you must specify Kindle or Epub format). Your subscription will start with the current issue — #7. (#8 is about 2-3 weeks away.) There is no coupon for this offer, and you can combine it with the other coupons. Just write “FREE SHMM SUBSCRIPTION” (and specify Kindle or Epub editions) in the comments field. If you don’t specify, you’ll get Epub. As long as your order is $10 or more, we’ll send you the SHMM e-magazines. NOTE: This offer is for new subscribers only.

Wildside Press Sale and Coupon Code

Wildside Press is having a sale and has just released some new ebooks. How can you go wrong with any announcement that begins “April is Tentacle Month at Wildside Press!”??? They have a number of “megapacks,” which are big ebook collections of previously published stories collected and sold for $0.99, each organized by topic or genre, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, pulp thrillers, etc. Wildside has a new one called the Cthulhu Mythos Megapack. It has a selection of Lovecraft’s key works along with some great stories by Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch, T.E.D. Klein, and many others. Wildside also has two new Cthulhu Mythos collections by Brian Stableford (how amazingly prolific is he!) for the incredibly steep price of $2.99 each. Those are also available as physical books.

Here are the coupon codes:

GET A FREE MEGAPACK with any ebook purchase of $2.95 or more! Enter coupon code MEGAPACK at checkout on the ebook site and you’ll get the megapack you select free.

Save 20% on your next paper book purchase from Wildside’s print book web site, with this coupon. Enter the code WILDSIDE20 at checkout. No minimum purchase. But it’s only good at their book web site.

Lots of great, low-cost reading!

Wildside Press eBook coupons

Haven’t provided any links to publishers’ coupons or sales, but here’s a new one I just heard about from Wildside Books:

Save 40% on any of their ebooks at using the coupon code “ebookme” (without the quote marks). This offer not valid on Weird Tales or Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine in ebook form. Minimum $5 purchase. No shipping on ebooks, of course. You’ll get a download link by email with your receipt.

Get a free eBook with any purchase — order at any of their web sites —,, or — and put a note in the “Comments” field saying you’d like one of their Megapack anthologies. They’ll email it to you the next business day. (Maybe even sooner.) Don’t forget to tell them which megapack you’d like. We have Adventure, Science Fiction, Westerns, Mystery, Horror, and Ghost Stories available.

Wildside Press coupon code

Just received one of Wildside’s occasional newsletters which included both a list of some of their new stuff (I see that Robert Reginald and the other Wildside folks have been extremely busy) and a coupon code.

Some of the new releases that looked most exciting to me personally (there were many more) included:

Ten Little Wizards: A Lord Darcy Novel, by Michael Kurland
Sands of Destiny, by E.C. Tubb (a French Foreign Legion adventure!)
Allan Quatermain at the Crucible of Life, by Thos. Kent Miller
Charlie Chan Carries On: The Screenplay for the Lost Charlie Chan Film, by Earl Derr Biggers, Barry Connors and Philip Klein
A bunch by Brian Stableford

SEQUELS TO H.G. WELLS’ THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (I previously reviewed these three)
Invasion! Earth vs. the Aliens: War of Two Worlds, Book One, by Robert Reginald
Operation Crimson Storm: War of Two Worlds, Book Two, by Robert Reginald
The Martians Strike Back! War of Two Worlds, Book Three, by Robert Reginald

Wildside Double #16: Do the Weird Crime, Serve the Weird Time: Tales of the Bizarre, by Don Webb / Gargoyle Nights: A Collection of Horror, by Gary Lovisi
Wildside Mystery Double #4: Devil’s Plague: A Mystery Novel, by Michael R. Collings / Driving Hell’s Highway: A Crime Novel, by Gary Lovisi
Wildside Mystery Double #5: Murder of a Bookman: A Bentley Hollow Collectibles Mystery Novel, by Gary Lovisi / The Paperback Show Murders, by Robert Reginald

The first 6 volumes of the Sime~Gen series, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah

Use coupon code GOWILDSIDE to save 15% on your order of $20 or more. Offer expires 4/15/2011. Valid on all of Wildside’s stuff (books, magazines, eBooks).