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Xmas card_Page_01I haven’t talked about Justin Marriott’s Paperback Fanatic, a wonderful magazine on paperback fiction of all genres, in a while, but this is too cool not to share. As I noted almost two years ago, this is a really fun magazine that offers a treasure trove of information on old paperbacks from a variety of genres. Individual issues sell out quickly, and back issues are almost impossible to find, but it is available via subscription at the main Paperback Fanatic webpage.

It’s always been print-only until now. Justin Marriott has released a short electronic-only version, for free, that includes a really neat article by Nigel Taylor on some of the most interesting appearances of Christmas-themed stories in science fiction and fantasy works. It is available for Xmas card.

Justin Marriott has also provided an update on where the magazine is going in the new year that I will reprint in its entirety here:

“Fellow Fanatics,

As a thank you for your support throughout the year I attach The Xmas Fanatic, my first attempt at electronic publishing. I hope you enjoy Nigel Taylor’s look at SF and horror stories with a Christmas theme, and his own line-up for a horror themed Xmas anthology. Please feel free to distribute/forward/re-post as a way of spreading the word.

There’s plenty of Fanatic related projects to look forward to in 2014. Issue 28 of The Fanatic is complete, and will be published at the end of January. It includes a couple of new subjects for The Fanatic, specifically JD books and some uber-rare film tie-ins that will blow your mind.

Issue 29 and 30 are coming together very nicely, with one being dedicated to the theme of ‘renegade publishers’ taking in those paperback houses which were short-lived and/or operated on the periphery of the book industry.

I’m also in the early stages of working with a paperback fanatic who has kindly agreed to provide scans of his superb collection of horror, SF and cult movie tie-ins, so I’m excited about the possibilities of what we might produce together.

And I’ve nearly completed the design of the fourth issue of Bedabbled! Martin Jones’ essential zine dedicated to British cult cinema. I won’t let the cat(s) out of the bag in terms of contents, but format wise it’ll be A4 and full-colour. Drop Martin a line if you would like to receive ordering details when it’s out – bedabbled@hotmail.co.uk

Please have a great Xmas and New Year.

Justin The Fanatic”