carl-spitzweg_bookwormDear Readers:

This may be a terrible example of self-indulgence, so I hope you’ll forgive me, but I would like to post a link to an interview I recently did with editor and author Elaine Ash in which I was interviewed on what it’s like to be a book reviewer. (Diligent readers may note that I interviewed Ms. Ash recently as well.) Shockingly, the interview reveals that life as a book reviewer is not all about the groupies, financial remuneration, invitations to award ceremonies (and more importantly, the after-parties), or any of the other glamorous and decadent activities that you undoubtedly imagine I enjoy. I mean, sure, all those perqs are great, but it’s also about the opportunity to read great books, meet terrific authors and fellow readers, and help promote the books I love. I am of course always willing to answer whatever questions readers may have about the books I review or the review process itself. Or at least, one of my assistants will respond, assuming they are not otherwise engaged in peeling me some grapes.

Your Humble Bookworm