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Haven’t listed any book-related sales in a while — come on, like anyone actually reading this book blog needs more books anyway — but here are a couple in honor of that greatest of American mass consumption holidays, Black Friday:

Lulu.com: The print-on-demand publisher typically has 20% off coupon codes that you can Google pretty much any time you want to buy something from Lulu (serious — don’t ever pay full price at Lulu). But Lulu is now offering a 30% discount from now through November 27: just use discount code DELIRITAS. (That code will also get you 51% off a calendar at Lulu, but I can’t imagine buying anything but a book from them).

Wildside Press: They have a couple very cool specials. First, if you order at least $10 from them (in eBooks, physical book, whatever), you are eligible to receive five randomly selected books from them, you only pay a penny plus shipping. That’s an awesome deal. I did a similar deal with them a few years ago and got two randomly selected books (Arthur O. Friel’s AMAZON NIGHTS collection and J. Allan Dunn’s THE GOLDEN DOLPHIN AND OTHER PIRATE TALES FROM THE PULPS). Just click here for that deal. The second deal is a four-issue e-subscription to Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine for just $3.99. Click here for that deal.

have fun reading!