I haven’t written much about Stephen King’s work on this blog, but he’s one of my favorite authors. (I believe the only book review I’ve done for his stuff was a review of CELL, which I didn’t like all that much.) I hope to correct that obvious oversight later in the year, possibly with some reviews of his stuff in October. One of the joys for long-term readers is finding all the connections between his characters and novels — it really does form a coherent, inter-connected whole. This is most obvious in the Dark Tower series, but even leaving that aside, the Stephen King universe is rich with connections across the novels. Castle Rock and Derry, to name just two of his fictional settings, have always seemed very real to me. I love it when authors slowly build their settings because it adds a reward for long-term readers (e.g., Michael R. Collings has created Tamarind Valley as a setting for some of his horror novels, and of course H. P. Lovecraft created Arkham, Innsmouth, Miskatonic University and all the rest, to name just two authors who have done something similar).

The point of this post is to share with you a flowchart that attempts to map some of these connections in Stephen King’s work. I don’t think she’s captured all of them, and Gillian — the creator of the flowchart — purposely avoids the Dark Tower series, but it’s a fun start. Here’s the link to her original post on the subject where you can see a much bigger version of the flowchart.