Now that summer is here, I have a little more time to devote to the blog. (It also helps that I have finished my dissertation, turned it in to my committee, and will be defending it at the end of July.) As a first step, I have created a page that lists all of the book reviews I have thus far posted on my blog. So far, it’s pretty rudimentary: it just divides the reviews by fiction or non-fiction and then lists by author. I am considering providing a separate breakdown by genre, but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

In any case, the book review index page is here, so please enjoy and let me know if that’s helpful.

I have many, many reviews I have never posted to the blog, so I will gradually add those this summer as well. I will of course continue adding entirely new book reviews as well. Upcoming reviews include:

Michael R. Collings:
The Slab
Shadow Valley
Serpent’s Tooth (I may need to get my hands on Devil’s Plague first though.)
The Gummi Bear Omnibus

Alex Grecian:
The Yard

Robert Reginald:
The Paperback Show Murders (coupled with Gary Lovisi’s Murder of a Bookman)