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I’ve been subscribing to The Paperback Fanatic magazine for a few years now, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here on the blog. What is it? It’s a British magazine that focuses on paperbacks from the 1960s-80s, focusing heavily on “genre literature”: fantasy, science fiction, horror, men’s adventure, sleaze, etc. It’s the brainchild of Justin Marriott, who has continually improved the magazine with each issue. The magazines are now almost entirely in color, and feature discussions of key series, interviews with authors and artists, and color reproductions of cover art. They also invariably sell out not long after publication. The authors that Marriott lines up are obsessive experts in their areas of interest and are genuine authorities — I learn a great deal about collectible genre paperbacks every issue.

Why have I decided to mention The Paperback Fanatic now? Well, Issue #21 has just been released and I have an article in it. My piece covers the insane, over-the-top men’s adventure series TNT by “Doug Masters.” In this article, I give an overview of the series’ complex publishing history, the authors, the series as a whole, as well as reviews of each of the seven English-language novels in the series. Justin has also included some lavish color photos of the covers. These reviews are published nowhere else, though I hope to one day include this article in a monograph on the men’s adventure genre (mostly unwritten as yet).

Here are the complete contents for #21:

Bounding From the Thirties! The Corinth regency reprints of The Phantom Detective and Dr. Death (Justin Marriott)

Gold Medal Crime: part 1 of a definitive A-Z (Rob Matthews)

50 years of Rhodan: a celebration of pulp astronaut Perry Rhodan’s 50th birthday (Andreas Decker)

TNT: the overlooked and demented men’s adventure series (Andrew Byers)

Frank Bernier: A Forgotten Australian Paperback Artist (James Doig)

Abraham Merritt cover gallery: examples from around the world

Opinion columns, reviews, letters and much more.

88 pages, most in full color

You can pick up the magazine here, and can even subscribe. If you’re a collector of genre paperbacks, you won’t regret it!