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I haven’t posted about recent book acquisitions in a long, long while, but I have some real treasures to mention, so here goes. I stopped by a local used bookstore I don’t pop into very often a couple weeks ago. No reason for staying away for so long, I just never get around to it. In any case, the place had lain fallow for probably a year or so. These finds were well worth the wait. Here’s what I got:

* The first two Dreamlands novels by Brian Lumley ($2.50 each). Sure, I know that many Lovecraft purists don’t like Lumley’s contributions to the Mythos, but I’ve always enjoyed his enthusiasm, even if he tends to expend too much of his wordcount on exposition and really long flashbacks.

* Seven Doc Savage novels (the Bantam editions), five of which I didn’t already have ($2.50 each). The ones I didn’t already have: THE MYSTIC MULLAH, THE PHANTOM CITY, THE METAL MASTER, THE KING MAKER, and THE RED TERRORS. The duplicates were THE DEVIL GENGHIS and THE LAND OF TERROR. I need to bundle up those latter books with my other Doc Savage duplicates and put them on eBay. I’ve also got some Dray Prescott and Fu Manchu duplicates, among many others, so drop me a line if you’re interested and perhaps we can work something out.

* Seven ORIGINAL pulp magazines, all in just about as good a condition as you could expect to find in 2011. ($4.00 each!!!!!) These are: FANTASTIC ADVENTURES June, July, September, October, November 1948; January 1949; and August 1952. I have many, many reprint editions of pulp novels, stories, collections, the magazines themselves, etc., but these are my first actual pulps. Yes, I know that this wasn’t one of the major titles, and it’s from an era that was slightly past the heyday of the pulps, but, hey, at $4 a piece, how could I pass these up? A phenomenal find, and one that made my day. (The pictures of these beauties are a little fuzzy because they are in plastic sheaths.)