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Part X of my ongoing love affair with well-designed private libraries. I’ve posted about creative design of bookshelves on a couple occasions previously: here and here). In keeping with that theme, here’s a link to a great article showcasing twenty private libraries owned by celebrities.

Diligent readers — okay, only diligent readers possessing an eidetic memory) will note that I’ve posted about Karl Lagerfeld’s library before, but most of the rest were new to me. I really like some of these, though a few appear to be cases where the owner has never actually read any of the books, and were clearly designed by a book or art consultant, which kind of bugs me (Oprah Winfrey’s library, ironically, appears to fall into this category). Jimmy Stewart’s looks just like every old lady’s library I’ve ever been in, and Mark Twain’s looks like a fin-de-siecle whorehouse, but I like most of the rest. Sadly, Nigella Lawson’s library looks pretty much just like my own, with nicer bookshelves. Alas. I feel your pain, Nigella. The crown jewel of the article is, of course, William Randolph Hearst’s library. An additional photo of his private library is available here.