No, I haven’t forgotten about the blog! The travails of a doctoral student (final bit of research, cranking out the dissertation wordcount, etc.) have merely conspired to prevent me from updating the blog as frequently as I’d like. As always, I am always delighted to discuss older reviews and other posts, as well as respond to any queries my readers have. It’s always amusing to see the variety of search engine queries that bring visitors to my blog. My reading and reviewing interests are so varied that I suspect many visitors find my blog’s content to be somewhat…eccentric (perhaps too much so for their taste), though I’m always surprised at the random assortment of posts that attract the most interest (or at least visitors). I do continue to read voraciously, even if I haven’t been writing about books as much as I’d like, I continue to follow the chaos of today’s book industry (authorship to publishing to retail to fandom), and I have been enjoying my new Kindle immensely. Though I was initially highly resistant to the very idea of eBooks, I have since come around. They certainly have their place, and, if anything, have only increased my interest in books (if that’s even possible).

In any case, I have a number of reviews and other posts planned for the coming weeks. Books I plan to review include:
* Wordsmith by Michael R. Collings
* A couple of the Transhuman Space role-playing game books
* The Generation Starship in Science Fiction: A Critical History, 1934-2001 by Simone Caroti
* The Black Stiletto by Raymond Benson
* Draugr by Arthur Slade
* Bullied by Christopher Smith
* Of Mice and Murderers by John G. Stockmyer
* Active Reader by Mark Leslie
* No Rest for the Wicked by Rebecca Knight
* Hatchet Force Journal #1 edited by Jack Badelaire
* I, Spy? by Kate Johnson
* The Dogs of Rome by Conor Fitzgerald
* The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing by Joe Konrath
* At least one or two of the Fu Manchu novels by Sax Rohmer

If anyone is particularly interested in any of these titles, feel free to let me know and I will move them up in my review queue.

I had originally intended to do my second annual one horror book review per day in October in celebration of the Halloween season, but I’m not sure if I will now, as I’ve just been asked to unexpectedly teach a course this semester (I had thought I would be having a “leisurely” semester of finishing the dissertation and going on the academic job market, but now I will be teaching a new course too). We’ll see as we get into September how the Halloween book review plan goes.