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Never heard of it? Me neither, until now. William Timlin’s The Ship That Sailed to Mars was published in 1923 by Harrap in the UK in a limited edition of 2000 copies (250 of which were sold in the US). It was a slender volume, with 48 tipped-in color plates, also drawn by Timlin, each with a facing page of text. Copies of the original edition survive, though it looks like a good or better copy will typically run you about $2000-3000. Stonewall Publications put out a new edition in 1993, and while it’s now out-of-print, it looks like you can land one of those for about $60-200 in the secondary market. Calla Editions (anther small press I’ve never heard of) is re-releasing another edition of it this Fall, and Amazon currently has it on pre-order for $26. If you want to read the story and look at the pictures, it has fortunately been made available online here.

The accompanying artwork is amazing, and it’s too bad that the book has never had a major release, as I suspect it could have been a childhood classic that we’d all remember fondly. I may just have to pick up a copy of the Calla edition when it becomes available.

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