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Doc Savage is one of the best known of the old pulp heroes, and while I’ve never reviewed any of the Doc Savage novels (I really should correct that obvious oversight), I have posted links to some great spoof Doc Savage covers as well as to an interview with James Bama who illustrated about sixty of the Bantam reprint edition covers of the Doc Savage novels.

The late, great Lester Dent wrote most of the original Doc Savage novels (using the pseudonym Kenneth Robeson), and his literary executor Will Murray completed and published seven Doc Savage manuscripts left unfinished by Dent in the early 1990s. Those were the last Doc Savage novels the world has seen.

Until now.

I am very pleased to report that, confirming some rumors and rumblings we started hearing a year or so ago, Will Murray will publish seven all-new Doc Savage novels, starting in July 2011 with Altus Press. The first title is The Desert Demons and looks like a class Doc Savage adventure. The second will be called Horror in Gold, and should come out in late summer. No word yet on the other titles. This press release includes a few more details. Needless to say, Will Murray is the right author for the job and Altus Press, famous for its support of pulps, is the right publisher. This is a good day for fans of Doc Savage.