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The New York Times has compiled a decent list of books on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. I certainly haven’t read all of them, so I can’t blindly endorse the list in totality, but it certainly looks like a good starting point for further research. Of the works on this list I have read, I heartily endorse Steve Coll’s Ghost Wars — it provides terrific background information on bin Laden and U.S. operations in Afghanistan in the two decades leading up to September 11.

While I normally use this blog just for posting book-related news and reviews of various kinds of fiction — and always strive to remain absolutely apolitical here — I also review a good many works of non-fiction as well (I just don’t post them here). I think this week I’ll post a handful of reviews of books on counterterrorism and military operations in Afghanistan (I am a military historian by training and prior to returning to grad school I worked in defense for a decade, so these topics are near and dear to my heart).