I’m not an activist of any sort, but I hate to see people getting screwed over, so I feel obligated to mention the situation with Dorchester (Leisure) Publishing. Just to quickly catch you up to speed, Dorchester (a.k.a. Leisure Books) is going bankrupt. But they’re not dying a quick, peaceful death. A while back, they quit paying their authors royalties, and they’ve begun selling eBook versions of many novels they no longer own the rights to. In short, they are stealing from authors. That’s sleazy, and as a reader I won’t tolerate that. Authors have it hard enough as it is without being abused by a sleazy publisher. I used to like the company — they were putting out Charles Ardai’s Hard Case Crimes (that relationship dissolved as a result of the financial meltdown) — and I was a member of one of their book clubs and I’ve bought dozens of their crime and horror novels. Many, many authors have organized a boycott of the company, and have been joined by other publishers and writers’ associations.

For more information on the current situation, see Brian Keene’s blog for a detailed summary. Here is a list of the many talented and well-respected authors who have already joined the boycott (trust me, if you’re a fan of the crime, thriller, or horror genres, you will recognize many names on this list.) And here is a link to the latest updates on the boycott.

So what does all this mean for me personally? I’m now going to be boycotting Dorchester Publishing and all its publications, and I respectfully suggest that you consider doing the same. I am no longer a member of any of their book clubs, I’m no longer following them on any social media, and I won’t purchase any more of their books.