Just received one of Wildside’s occasional newsletters which included both a list of some of their new stuff (I see that Robert Reginald and the other Wildside folks have been extremely busy) and a coupon code.

Some of the new releases that looked most exciting to me personally (there were many more) included:

Ten Little Wizards: A Lord Darcy Novel, by Michael Kurland
Sands of Destiny, by E.C. Tubb (a French Foreign Legion adventure!)
Allan Quatermain at the Crucible of Life, by Thos. Kent Miller
Charlie Chan Carries On: The Screenplay for the Lost Charlie Chan Film, by Earl Derr Biggers, Barry Connors and Philip Klein
A bunch by Brian Stableford

SEQUELS TO H.G. WELLS’ THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (I previously reviewed these three)
Invasion! Earth vs. the Aliens: War of Two Worlds, Book One, by Robert Reginald
Operation Crimson Storm: War of Two Worlds, Book Two, by Robert Reginald
The Martians Strike Back! War of Two Worlds, Book Three, by Robert Reginald

Wildside Double #16: Do the Weird Crime, Serve the Weird Time: Tales of the Bizarre, by Don Webb / Gargoyle Nights: A Collection of Horror, by Gary Lovisi
Wildside Mystery Double #4: Devil’s Plague: A Mystery Novel, by Michael R. Collings / Driving Hell’s Highway: A Crime Novel, by Gary Lovisi
Wildside Mystery Double #5: Murder of a Bookman: A Bentley Hollow Collectibles Mystery Novel, by Gary Lovisi / The Paperback Show Murders, by Robert Reginald

The first 6 volumes of the Sime~Gen series, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah

Use coupon code GOWILDSIDE to save 15% on your order of $20 or more. Offer expires 4/15/2011. Valid on all of Wildside’s stuff (books, magazines, eBooks).