Here are two recent, unrelated pieces on bookshelves. The first is a light, fluff (but interesting) article on “the future of bookshelves in the home.” In an age where more people are going to have fewer physical books in their homes, we will probably see fewer bookshelves in homes. Eventually. As the article points out, the trend is new and hasn’t influenced home architecture yet, but the piece does provide some neat discussions of some people’s really nice home libraries.

The second piece is a short article that provides a link to a collection of photos of library bookshelves in Japan. To be sure, the book-related aspect of the tragedy that Japan is experiencing is nothing compared with the human dimension, but the library photos help illustrate the magnitude of the earthquake’s effects — imagine a force powerful enough to throw every book off a library’s shelves simultaneously. (Here’s a direct link to a Google-translated page of the photo collection.)