I came across a recent interesting interview with Michael Moorcock. I haven’t read any of his stuff in years, but I first discovered his work in the 1980s. I first came across the Melnibonean “mythos” in the original Dungeons and Dragons Deities and Demigods book in early 1982 in a thrift shop. Later, when I was in ninth or tenth grade, I started reading the original Elric novels. I picked up one or two of the Count Brass or Hawkmoon books, but those were hard to come by in Virginia Beach back then. I eventually bought a Jerry Cornelius omnibus, and it left me mind-blown and confused, in equal parts. I was definitely too young to really understand what was going on — I should probably pick that back up some day. In any case, if you like Moorcock, that’s an interesting update on his current and future activities as well as some fun anecdotes on his early writing career.