I’m sure that I’m not alone in wanting a secret door concealed behind a bookcase in my library. Yes, I’m an eccentric bibliophile, but I suspect that many of you are as well. I’m not particularly handy, and would probably not want to undertake the creation of such a project myself, but fortunately, there’s at least one man in the world who has gone ahead and built such a contraption. It’s pretty cool, and as the youtube video shows, it actually works! The flickr photos provide a virtual step-by-step guide to how he built it. Doesn’t look too hard, to be honest, and I suspect that someone sufficiently handy could improve on the process.

After seeing the “amateur” version of the secret bookshelf door, I came across a “professional” one that was demonstrated at a home builder’s show. Reversica, the company that designed and built the hardware that made the sliding bookshelf possible offers these materials for sale here. (Please note, I have no affiliation with this company and can offer no recommendations on their service.)