After a long hiatus because of the holidays and a research trip I had to undertake, I am back and will resume blogging. Reviews will resume within the next week (I don’t have any drafted and ready to go right now but that should change in a few days).

Here’s an interesting piece from the NYT on services that supply particular kinds of books for collectors. I’m more than a little appalled that people want services to select books from them based on, say, the color of their dust jackets, or that some of these services remove the original dust jackets and replace them with “custom” dust jackets, but I guess I should be surprised that, for some, books are merely aesthetic objects rather than sources of information or collectibles in and of themselves. I certainly don’t deny that books can be very aesthetically-pleasing and a great way to decorate a home or office, but I hate to see them reduced to “mere” decorations. See the 12-image slideshow linked from the article for examples of what we’re talking about.

(I’m not sure if the NYT is subscriber-only or not, so if you want to read the article but don’t want to sign up for a free online subscription there, contact me and I’ll get you a copy of the article.)