Well, over the last month or so, I’ve kinda gone nuts with book acquisitions, but we had a big local library sale a few weeks ago (how can you pass up even marginally interesting books at $1 apiece?), plus we visited some bookstores while traveling for Thanksgiving.  In any case, here’s what I’ve picked up.  As always, comments and discussion of any of these titles are welcome.

Science Fiction:

  • The Blackcollar [I’ve enjoyed the past works by Timothy Zahn that I’ve read, and I love the old DAW paperbacks, so this was a no-brainer.  I had no idea that this was the first of a series.]
  • The Court of the Air [A steampunk novel with a really bad description of the book on the back cover (I have no idea what it’s about).  It was so bad that my wife, oddly enough, had to convince me to buy it.]
  • Vorpal Blade [Second book in a John Ringo military SF series.  I read the first one years ago.]
  • Eye of the Storm [Another John Ringo military SF book in a different series.  These suckers are always vaguely entertaining in a “guilty pleasure” sort of way.]
  • Slaughterhouse World / Knack’ Attack [Two novellas set in the same universe, looks like a lot of fun.  One of the authors, Robert Reginald, has been kind enough to comment here previously.  I’ll be getting to this one soon.]
  • The Sword of the Lady [Another in S.M. Stirling’s series.  I am ashamed to admit that though I own about five of these, I haven’t read any in the series yet, I just keep accumulating them.  One day, I’ll read them all, I promise.  I loved the Nantucket series and wish he’d continue with those, plus maybe some more Draka novels (though that last Draka collection was atrocious).]
  • Fleet of Worlds [Another Larry Niven Known Space prequels.  Gotta read/reread these suckers]


  • Empire in Black and Gold [An interesting new fantasy novel — I believe it’s the start of a series — that I’d heard about.  The only thing that makes me suspicious of it is that I believe the novel’s conceit is that all the characters are some kind of anthropomorphic insects.]


  • The Golden Dolphin and Other Pirate Tales from the Pulps [These two were the “two random books for a penny” specials I received from Wildside.]
  • Amazon Nights [This one had even been on my Amazon wishlist for the past few years!]


  • Bloodline (Repairman Jack series) [The first few have been fun.  I’m nowhere near ready to read this one — I probably need to read six or eight more books before I get to this one — but hey, I’m a long-term planner and collector.]
  • Needful Things [This is the only book I’ve ever listened to as an audiobook.  The story itself was so-so, but I acquired it as part of my plan to get (and read) every one of Stephen King’s books.  I think I need three more books, including his latest that just came out.]


  • The Dante Club [A historical book-themed mystery I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while now.]
  • The Library of Shadows [A new book-themed mystery/thriller by a Danish author I just discovered.  It sounded so good that I had to pick it up.]
  • The Collected Stories of Chester Himes [A classic hardboiled author who doesn’t get much attention these days; I’ve read one of his novels and enjoyed it.]
  • The Goliath Bone [The last Mike Hammer novel published to date, and one of the three unfinished Mike Hammer manuscripts that Spillane authorized Max Allan Collins to complete.]
  • Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle [This is an entry in the “Mrs. Pollifax” series that is the only cozy spy thriller series I know of.  The first one was an entertaining, light read, so I picked this one up.]

Young Adult:

  • The Great Brain Reforms [This was one of my favorite series as a kid, and I’m gradually trying to collect all those books I most loved growing up.]
  • The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer [I’ve read the first of the “Last Apprentice” series and enjoyed it immensely, so I picked up the third and fourth books as remainder hardbacks for a steal.]
  • The Last Apprentice: Attack of the Fiend [See above.  Now I need the second in the series so I can read these.]

True Crime:

  • In Cold Blood [I haven’t read much in the “true crime” genre, but this is the classic that started it all.  I had been meaning to pick this one up for a while.]


  • Stiffed [I’ve read it before from the library and it’s interesting enough, dealing with American masculinity, which is one of my primary academic research areas, so I grabbed this one to have a personal copy.]
  • The Arrogance of Power: The Secret World of Richard Nixon [Sensationalistic, to be sure, but hey, a good book about Nixon, LBJ, or Hoover is always fun.]
  • The Kennedy Detail: JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence [New memoir by one of JFK’s Secret Service agents.]
  • A Visual Guide to New England Library, Volume 1 [This one was just published by my British friend Justin Marriott.  Now I have a whole host of vintage British paperbacks I need to acquire!]
  • The Forever Portfolio: How to Pick Stocks That You Can Hold for the Long Run [I’ve always been interested in finance and investment, and this buy-and-hold strategy is the one I follow, so I picked this one up for some additional tips.]