Ten days ago, I mentioned that Wildside Press, a nice small press specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and pulp (among other genres) is having a sale. Here is a coupon code for 20% off anything in their store that should be good through the end of November: ILOVETURKEY

They also have a really cool 2 books for a penny sale, good through the end of the year, that you can take advantage of if you buy at least $10 worth of books from them. You can specify 2 fantasy, science fiction, or pulp reprints, and can even select the exact titles if you call them. All the details on that are here.

I mention this again because I ended up taking advantage of both the 20% discount coupon as well as the 2 books for a penny sale. I ended up buying their latest “double novel”: Wildside Double #7: Slaughterhouse World by Ardath Mayhar/ Knack’ Attack, by Robert Reginald. It looks like a great compilation of two fun SF novellas and I can’t wait to read them. In response to the last posting, Robert Reginald mentioned that he is going to be working on a third story set in this universe which he is calling A Glorious Death. Go back and take a look at his previous comment if you’re interested in some of the other projects he’s currently working on.

Oh and as for the “2 books for a penny,” I selected two pulp reprints. They sent me The Golden Dolphin and Other Pirate Tales from the Pulps by J. Allan Dunn and Amazon Nights: Classic Adventure Tales from the Pulps by Arthur O. Friel. Both look great, and I had actually had Amazon Nights on my wishlist for several years, so that was particularly good news.

Great books, great sales, great prices, fast (and reasonably-priced) shipping, you can’t beat that! I am actually thinking about possibly picking up something else from Wildside before the end of the month.