A couple days ago I promised a Halloween-related announcement on October 1, so here it is:

Because Halloween is my favorite holiday and October my favorite month (not the least of which because it contains my birthday), I will be posting a new review every day this month of October 2010, all works that are Halloween or at least horror-related.  Yes, you read that correctly, folks, a new review will appear here every day for a whole month!

Because I just decided to do this a few days ago, I will be primarily reviewing books I’ve already read and will be re-reading over the course of the next month.  That’s a lot of books to read or re-read within one month, so my selections will be heavy on graphic novels because those don’t take as much time to re-read.  So the 31 reviews will include: 22 graphic novels, 6 novels, 2 role-playing games, and 1 collection of poetry.  I’ve got the schedule all planned out, but you’ll have to tune in each day to find out what the day’s book will be.

The Great Pumpkin is coming!