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I picked up a total of seven new books this weekend (as if my “to be read” pile needs any additions).  Five were from a local library used book sale and two were a couple of role-playing games I pre-ordered a long time ago that finally became available.

  • Dreamcatcher, Lisey’s Story, and Bag of Bones, all by Stephen King.  I used to read Stephen King religiously and still think that his earlier work is some of the best horror ever written, but I pretty much stopped reading him after Gerald’s Game and Needful Things came out.  Needful Things wasn’t all that great in my opinion, and I was disappointed with the third and fourth Dark Tower books, so I quit reading him for a long time.  Recently I’ve been meaning to try some of his newer stuff and see if it’s any good.  For $1/each for mint condition hardbacks, how could I pass these up?  I have been toying with the idea of reading/rereading all of King’s work in publication order and reviewing them here, and I may do that, at least once I’ve reviewed the complete Vance oeuvre.
  • When the Women Come out to Dance by Elmore Leonard.  I have always suspected that I would really like Leonard’s work, and I once collected a big stack of his mass market paperbacks from eBay, but I foolishly sold them all years ago in a futile effort to whittle down on my to be read stack.  Now I am slowly reacquiring them as they become inexpensively available.  Guess I need to get around to reading them at some point.
  • Last Call (The Destroyer #35).  The Destroyer books are always fun, and this was one I need (good thing I had my out-of-print book want list with me).
  • Monsters and Other Childish Things and Bigger Bads (role-playing games).  Interesting horror-type game (and new supplement) about weird kids and their monstrous friends.  Should be fun, though the mechanics that the game uses are not my favorite (it’s the One Roll Engine, which is clunky and gimmicky in my opinion).

All in all,  a pretty nice haul.  Next library sale (different local library) is in October — on my birthday as a matter of fact — so that should be fun as well.  My wife has assured me we will have a pleasant day of booking that day.