Though it’s described as a “private sale,” there is no stated requirement for discretion, so I post it here.  Just one caution on the sale: I was all set to purchase several of the items, I noticed that they have a flat rate of $15 for shipping for all orders.  Ugh.  That’s a bit steep for my taste.
The ad for the RPG sale by Goodman Games follows (verbatim):
Hello gamers!
Shhh! We’re running a private sale! As a special offer not publicized on our main web site, we are running a private $5 sale! Many of our titles from 2008 and 2009 are priced at only $5, including systems-neutral titles, 4E character guides, 4E adventure modules, and stand-alone games.
This is a great chance to stock up on anything you missed in the last few years – and because you’re on our mailing list, you’re lucky enough to find out.
The sale runs through August 31, so act now! You can find the sale by clicking here – but keep this email, as there aren’t any front-page links to this special offer!
Goodman Games