Here’s what I’m reading these days. Note that I always read multiple books simultaneously; can’t help myself. I’m not counting the several books I have going at any one time as I work on my dissertation. These are only the books I want to read, not the books I need to read:

  • Book I read while eating (my wife is in Germany currently, so I read while eating my three meals a day): War and Decision by Douglas Feith [I am making my way through the massive stack of non-fiction works I have accumulated on Iraq and Afghanistan; note that I dislike Feith a great deal.]
  • Book I read while riding my recumbent exercise bike (this has to be relatively mindless because, well, my legs are pumping as fast as I can comfortably pump them for a half-hour every day): Penetrator #16: Deepsea Shootout [I mainly read men’s adventure novels while exercising; this one is turning out to be a pretty decent Penetrator.]
  • Other books: TNT 4: The Devil’s Claw [I am re-reading this completely over-the-top series because I’m writing an article on it for Men of Violence zine and loving every minute of it.]
  • Currently on hold: Necroscope 3: The Source [there’s nothing wrong with the book, and in fact, I’ve read it before, but I just don’t have a lot of time currently to resume reading the entire Necroscope series; I’ll pick it back up when I’m done with the TNT books.]