I try to cut back on the number of new book purchases, I really do. This is especially important because I have a four-digit number of books in my library I intend to read or reread. But sometimes I just can’t help myself from buying additional ones.

Here’s what I’ve picked up lately:

  • A really neat hardback, illustrated omnibus edition (from B&N) of the first three John Carter of Mars books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Love these books, and while I already own them all (the Del Rey editions are my favorites because of the awesome cover art), this is the first illustrated edition. Sadly, the entire series is not yet in the public domain (thanks Disney and Sonny Bono; say, Sonny, how’re the slopes today?)
  • A bunch of Fletch mystery novels by Gregory McDonald (and one of the Flynn mysteries too). Picked these up as a lot on eBay. I’ve always heard great things about them, and I loved the first Fletch movie. While I don’t have the entire series yet, a couple folks on LibraryThing assure me it’s ok to read them in any order.