Had a fun book-hunting expedition with a friend yesterday.  We hit four used book stores and the local comic/RPG shop.

Here’s what I bought (all yesterday with the exception of the first item):
  • Passport to Peril by Robert B. Parker (this month’s Hard Case Crimes book, which I subscribe to).
  • Three Perry Rhodan books [#2, 6, 9] (I have been curious about this long-running series for a long time, but haven’t read any of them yet; still don’t have #1 yet, darn it, but I’m guessing that it doesn’t matter much).
  • Three of Alan Burt Akers’ Dray Prescott series [#6, 7, 20] (a planetary romance series I have been interested in for a long time; still missing #5, among others; once I get that, I have a long continuous run of the books an can start reading them).
  • Lin Carter’s The Immortal of World’s End (still missing a couple from the series, but I’ve been slowly compiling them).
  • James Bond: The Authorized Biography of 007 by John Pearson (I am skeptical of this one, and didn’t even know that it existed, but for $1.50, I couldn’t pass it up).
  • John P. Marquand’s Your Turn, Mr. Moto (first of the Mr. Moto series; I have heard these are very good, and much darker than the old movies).
  • Dorothy Gilman’s The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax (first of the Mrs. Pollifax series, a “cozy espionage” series — are there any more series like this? — about an old lady who joins CIA).
  • Matthew Woodring Stover’s Heroes Die (new-ish SF novel that sounds like it has an interesting premise, reminiscent of Dream Park).
  • Taylor Anderson’s Into the Storm (fist of the alt history Destroyermen series, which sounds interesting, though the premise of John Birmingham’s Axis of Time series and William Forstchen’s Lost Regiment series).
  • Katherine Neville’s The Eight (an interesting re-release of an older book that’s being heavily pushed by it’s publisher; historical chess-related mystery/thriller; I suck at chess, but have always been fascinated by it).
  • E.C. Tubb’s Melome, #28 in the Dumarest of Terra series (none of which I’ve read yet, though I have a bunch of them).
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Oakdale Affair (this was probably the only real treasure in the bunch, as I had almost given up hope of finding it; just a handful of additional ERB books and I’ll have a copy of everything he ever wrote).
  • The first Planetes manga (a little bit of anime usually goes a long way with me, but this one has always looked interesting to me).
  • Some RPG stuff: GURPS Traveller Behind the Claw (error-ridden, but it’s one of the few GURPS Trav books I didn’t already own); Jovian Chronicles main rulebook, the Space Equipment Handbook, and the Europa Incident (I have always been curious about this game and have been on an anime kick of late); and Fully Strapped, Always Packed gear book for Mayfair’s old Underground RPG.

Nothing truly outstanding, but some good stuff overall.  A nice day, despite pulling a muscle in my lower back yesterday morning.