The last few days have been pretty productive, even if they haven’t directly led to a vast amount of new wordcount.

Writing accomplishments:

  • Had a great meeting on Thursday with my writing partner.  We traded comments on each other’s new chapters.  I like where both novels are (we have 10-11k for each written so far, with a goal of 100k for each; each is therefore 10-11% completed).  I think this meeting and new verbiage — after an extremely long hiatus — is exactly what we needed to rejuvenate our interest in both projects.
  • I have turned around my draft to him incorporating his comments and tonight I began brainstorming and initial research on my next chapter (for the other novel, since we trade off each time).  This next chapter I write is going to be a cool action chapter set mostly in a small castle on the Isle of Wight, and if it comes off well, will be something straight out of a James Bond movie.
  • Wrote out one fairly complete Carcosa hex (the project has 18 total, though my two collaborators will do some of them) as well as a handful of rumors.
My goals for tomorrow are to continue researching, outlining, and brainstorming the novel chapter as well as complete a second Carcosa hex.