I haven’t been updating this sucker as frequently as I would like, but then again, there hasn’t been a great deal of progress on the writing front anyway.

Writing accomplishments of the last couple days:
  • Nearly finished the draft of chapter two of one of the four (!) collaborative novels I am working on with a partner.  Only two of the four are actively being worked on.  The other two are just at the conceptual stage.  We had been working diligently on these last summer, but they have been on hold since August 2008 because of our school responsibilities.  We have restarted work on both and intend to put some wordcount in on each over the course of the next year, despite the fact that my partner will be in Germany doing research for a year.  Hopefully we can stick with them.  We trade off the two novels each month, each writing one chapter, so that both active books get a new chapter every month.  If we did this for a year, we’d probably be darn close to having two completed drafts.
  • Put down a few words on my D&D setting/campaign.  Need to do more with that so I can run my wife through her first old school dungeon crawl before she heads off to California.
Tomorrow I plan to finish off chapter two of the collaborative novel I’m working on and send the draft off to my partner. If I still have some writing time left over, I need to put some words down on my joint Carcosa project.