Haven’t updated in the last few days because I’ve had very little of note to update. I have been continuing to read plenty of things (both academic and personal reading), just haven’t been writing much.

Accomplishments/updates for the last few days:

  • Received a few semi-cryptic comments back from my advisor on the dissertation chapter outline, but he commented on the first draft again rather than the second, which leads me to believe he mistakenly never read the second draft. Alas, I really did want some feedback on that. I’m going to shelve that for now and just press on, I don’t want to get into the confusion with him.
  • Made some progress on the Carcosa collaborative project. I have started a draft with all our ideas to date (not all that many thus far). We have decided to detail the Yathlogthotep Forest, a mostly unknown area of ten main hexes, though an additional eight hexes contain the fringes of the wood. We can’t say all that much about eighteen hexes, as that is a pretty large area, but I think we can do some interesting things with it. My hope is that we can have something to submit — assuming my two collaborators agree — for the next issue of Fight On!. Submissions are due by June 27, so I think that gives us plenty of time.

My writing goals for tomorrow: work on Carcosa a bit and crack open those musty collaborative novel files and draft some additional wordcount on one of them.