Not a vast amount of writing accomplished today, but some.

Today’s writing accomplishments:

  • Did some work on the dissertation chapter outline. One more good day of writing should finish out that draft, though I still need to answer some tough questions in my mind before I can put it to bed.
  • Put a few words down on Thoon, though not as many as I’d like. Mainly some initial thoughts on its moons, which will give it a nice Flash Gordon vibe.
  • Updated my personal writing wordcount tracker (spreadsheet) for 2009. I started doing this last year and its a nice record for posterity.
  • Posted a note on the OD&D board asking if anyone would be interested in collaborating on a small Carcosa-related project: a joint hex/sandbox design. I have some ideas but would like a partner. Already had one taker (DuBeers), which is great. I have corresponded with him previously on my contribution to the free Carcosan Grimoire project.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the dissertation chapter outline draft and email that off, continue to get a few words on Thoon, and put some initial thoughts together on the Carcosa deal.